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[1] How to Build a Team Part I: The Salary Cap

[2] How to Build a Team Part II: Acquiring and Retaining Players

[3] Ted Thompson Has Changed His Modus Operandi in 2017

[4] A Scoutís Take on Undrafted Rookie WR Michael Clark of the Green Bay Packers

[5] A Scoutís Take on the Addition of OLB Ahmad Brooks by the Green Bay Packers

[6] Jerry Kramerís Nomination for the Pro Football Hall of Fame: ĎA Wonderful Honorí

[7] My Presentation for Jerry Kramer to the Seniors Selection Committee

[8] Jerry Kramer Ranks the Top 5 Defensive Tackles He Played Against in His Career

[9] Getting Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Has Not Been an Easy Process for Some


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