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An interesting read.....
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Green Bay - "Packers loyalists fulminate against head coach Mike McCarthy, who is viewed with disenchantment despite a Super Bowl ring and nine postseason appearances in 11 seasons. But he has Aaron Rodgers! He has Lambeau Field, the greatest weapon in sports! We should win the Super Bowl every year! That’s the Green Bay faithful’s view. There are numerous Power Five college programs—Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Florida State, Oklahoma, Miami, Texas, USC—where fans think anything else than a championship is a gigantic letdown. The Packers are the NFL equivalent. McCarthy must be doing something right: His 10 playoff victories are tied for third among active coaches. But more than once, McCarthy’s faintheartedness has held the Pack back. Green Bay’s loss of a 19-7 second-half lead versus Seattle in the 2015 NFC title contest was the NFL’s biggest collapse till New England met Atlanta. In the 2015 NFC title, four times the Packers faced 4th-and-1 and four times McCarthy sent out a kicking unit. Had he gone for it even once, Green Bay all but certainly would have advanced to the Super Bowl. Green Bay returned to the NFC title game last January, and McCarthy’s preference for “safe” tactics came along on the team plane. With Atlanta leading 31-0 in the second half, when Green Bay finally scored, McCarthy did not go for two, though points at that juncture were vital, and he did not order an onside kick. Maybe this was because everybody knows it’s impossible to overcome a big Atlanta second-half lead.
The Packers under Rodgers have had consistent offensive line instability, and this year is no different. T. J. Lang was lost to free agency, and Bryan Bulaga was hurt in the preseason. When Karl Malone and John Stockton retired from the Utah Jazz, team management lamented that it should have tried harder to surround them with quality teammates; when Rodgers retires, Green Bay management may lament not trying harder to protect him with top-notch linemen. Should the Packers reach the playoffs that follow this season, taverns and barbershops in central Wisconsin will dread the word “overtime”—Green Bay is on a 0-4 streak in postseason overtime games.

There are more than 200 college football contests each weekend in autumn in our great nation. Every year a few cause one to say, “Man, I wish I’d been at that game.” Among them was the September 2016 day, in Provo, Utah, that ended BYU 55, Toledo 53, the hosts kicking the winning field goal as time expired. Logan Woodside of Toledo threw for 505 yards and five touchdowns—and the wonderfully named Rockets lost, placing Woodside into TMQ’s coveted 500 Club. Jamaal Williams of BYU ran for 286 yards with a 9.5 yard per carry average. Keep your eye on Williams now that he's in Green Bay"
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