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Packers news sources
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:32:01 AM »
So every year about this time I list the folks that I follow for packers related news.  I've noticed that a few of you have come around to the Twitter world and that gives me much hope.  A few of those guys post some great stuff along with video clips from the all 22 coaches video to back up their opinions.

If you're on twitter, make sure youre following:
Eye in the Sky - @The_Green_Gold. - He's the best Packer X's and O's guy I've found.  Knows his stuff and his analysis is backed up with video.

Andy Herman -@SconnieSports - He will post video strings of individual players in order to get a closer look at his skill set.  He writes over at as well.  I haven't followed him during the season yet, but he's had some great stuff on 1st and 2nd year guys including Michael Clark, Rollins, and Geoff Gray in the last week.

Ben Fennell - @BenFennell_NFL  - He's a reporter for the eagles but is a Packers fan.  Oh, and he's a producer at NFL Network.  Throughout the season he'll break down 10 or so plays per game and he will look at individual performances.  Last year he did a lot on Daniels, Clark, and Datone Jones.

Zach Kruse @ThePackersWire  - Does a good job of summarizing what the other 25 beat reporters are writing.  I still follow a few, but i dont love puff pieces for the sake of feeling good and Zach doesn't miss a thing.

I used to read more stuff from Michael Rodney until he required an account (free) to read his stuff.  He's kind of an a-hole like myself... But he watches film and he's right in his opinions more often than not.  Just be prepared because he hates local beat writers.  Must have been stiffed on a few handfuls of applications for beat jobs and has resorted to eating sour grapes for every meal.

Anybody else that I'm missing?  I've grown fond of writers that take the time to watch film instead of the guys who search for a quote or three just so they can push as much content out as possible. 
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